What is Nissan Intelligent Mobility?

nissan intelligent mobility

Smarter, safer and easier driving

  • ProPILOTTM3 Assist is designed to help your maintain an appropriate distance from the vehicle directly in front of you and help keep the vehicle in the center of your lane; it can even apply the brakes in certain situations.
  • Moving Object Detection4 uses cameras designed to provide audible and visual warnings if the system detects moving objects directly behind your vehicle in reverse.
  • The Series Cross Traffic Alert System5 is designed to help you monitor all around the rear of the vehicle and can alert you if it detects vehicles approaching each side that you would not be able to see behind you.
  • The Emergency Braking System6 uses radar technology to monitor vehicles in front of you. It can give visual and audible warnings and is even designed to apply the brakes to avoid a frontal collision.

protect, respond, monitor

3. ProPILOT support can not prevent collisions. You must monitor traffic conditions and keep your hands on the wheel at all times. Consult the driver's manual for safety information.

4. This device is a parking aid. It does not completely eliminate blind spots. It may not detect all objects and may not warn moving objects. Always look around and get back before moving your vehicle.

5. The cross-traffic alert system may not be detecting all vehicles. Consult the driver's manual for safety information.

6. The intelligent emergency braking system does not prevent all collisions, and may not issue a warning or apply the brakes in all conditions. The driver must monitor traffic conditions and brake as necessary to avoid collisions. Consult the driver's manual for safety information.

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